Women Wellness

Women Wellness


SAAHAS for Cause is dedicated to work towards enhancing wellness of South Asian Immigrant women.                    We acknowledge pain in the South Asian community, and we believe it is rooting from:

  • Acculturation stress
  • Domestic violence
  • Factors that directly or implicitly call for interpersonal marital violence
  • Language differences
  • Social isolation
  • Cultural differences
  • Separation from family
  • Lack of knowledge about systems in the country
  • Lack of resources
  • Legal and financial dependency
  • Legislative and systematic disadvantages
  1. Acculturation can also be a factor in abuse. Acculturation is negatively related to attitudes that sanction domestic violence against immigrant women. Acculturation, or adapting to the cultural norms of the country of immigration, may allow women to better deal with spouse or partner abuse since they may become more cognizant of their situation and less likely to adhere to traditional roles that perpetuate violence against them
  2. South Asian women can be isolated from the larger community due to domestic and work obligations leaving them little time for socialization or engagement in community activities. They may also experience discrimination by mainstream groups in society. These conditions add to isolation and may restrict abused women from ending the violence to which they have been subjected

Services provided for Women’s wellness:

  • Individual counseling
  • Support groups
  • Language empowerment group
  • Yoga/meditation sessions
  • Referrals and coaching for self sufficiency
  • Referrals for legal consultation
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